My artisanal collection roots in the slow-made tradition where tapers are hand-dipped, books are bound by hand, and herbal medicine is brewed with garden-fresh plants.

Fourfold the Oracle


May 2019, I self-published Fourfold the Oracle – an oracle set including a 83-page guidebook and 64-card deck. There are just 150 limited-edition sets, which will not be reproduced.

The original deck was hand-crafted by collage artist Fon Borrello. The bookcover’s are letterpress printed and I bound each book by hand. A one-of-a-kind oracle set for beginners and collectors.

energy work


I am a teacher and student of energy work, individual purpose, and natural cycles. I serve as a Medicine Woman guiding intimate gatherings in the woods, or in my beloved Zenhouse (above).

I offer guided meditations and card readings using Fourfold the Oracle.

Private sessions begin at $60 for 30-minutes.