Alysia Mazzella is an artist, gardener, and candle maker based in the mountains of Newburgh, New York. Her handmade collection roots in the old world of slow-made traditions and one-by-one: when tapers were hand-dipped, books were bound by hand, and herbal medicine was grown from seed.

Beyond the physical, Alysia serves as a Medicine Woman, guiding visualizations and sacred gatherings in the woods. She is an energy worker, ritually applying her study of individual purpose, natural cycles, and ceremonious self-discipline.

After graduating Newburgh Free Academy with the Certificate of Artistic Excellence (2007), Alysia launched her first company 21-7 Magazine (2008-2011). 21-7 was an online website that featured underground artists, some of whom are now mainstream: Little Dragon, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Ke$ha. From 2011–2017, Alysia worked as a Photo Editor for NatGeo photojournalists and a local wedding photographer, as well as a freelance Videographer, producing independent music videos, short films, short documentaries.

As of 2014, Alysia became an alumna of the Creative Writing and New Media program at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine. This is where she honed in on her skills as a documentary storyteller. Alysia continued applying storytelling in a unique way with The Restorative Center where she worked as Program Administrator and eventually Assistant Director of Trainings (2015-2018). She traveled NY teaching circle keeping to all walks of life: community members in the Hudson Valley, activists at AmeriCorps, high school students in the Bronx, and college students at Yale.

After spending most of her young career working on the computer: editing digital photo, producing short documentaries, designing websites; Alysia yearned to touch that which she poured her energy into. She shifted her freelance career from digital to handmade in 2016 during Chime In, a temporary pop-up shop she founded which carried local-made items. This is where Alysia debuted The Orb Choker, a hand-crafted necklace made from clay and leather.

Today, Alysia is tending the garden, brewing medicine, expanding her candle line, and making Fourfold the Oracle known. For fun, she writes poetry, plays the guitar and freestyles song.