November 4, 2018


This gathering was about holding intention and holding space, in a creative and disciplined way.

I want to explore new ways of ceremony so I set up a screen tent in the woods. 100+ acres of undeveloped property with a rushing stream! It is the most dreamiest forrest for which I am grateful to have access.

With the wheelbarrow in the next photo is Dominique Sadé. We have been friends since my freshman year of college at SUNY Oneonta. We were part of a trio, a collage girlgang with Elle Santiago. College was a wonderful time of freedom, fun and sisterhood.

Domo is a studied seamstress and designer. She practices holistic wellness in NYC.


I organize the day so that our group can connect beyond small-talk. With the right structure, we weave together a web that shares power and gives permission for true expression.

I studied circle work + energy work with The Restorative Center since its founding in 2015, resulting my co-leading of several Circle trainings, for the purpose of community building and restorative justice. TRC heavily influenced my perspective on gathering in social groups.

I crave to connect with others on a deeper level, “not because our story is unique, but because it is not,” this is a quote by Malala. When we gather with purpose, there is opportunity for our strengths, our lineages, our gifts to emerge. We observe each other in a way not possible every single day. A ritual like this quenches a hunger deep in the pit of the stomach. With the right structure, our collective story shows itself, and we experience both: humility and wisdom.

This gathering is a milestone. Something bigger than us happened. We felt like five lucky ladies, alone in the woods. We left in agreement, in sisterhood, with reverence, with inspiration.