June 24, 2018

Strawberry Moon

This full moon I am joined by Stella Lee Prowse. We've never had a moon ritual together, I am both–nervous and excited. But I know, we need this alone time together. And it's perfect, because Stella brings strawberry offerings everywhere she goes. And this is the Strawberry Full Moon–marked by the time when June strawberries are ripe for harvest.

In 2016, Stella and I launched Chime In, a pop-up shop in downtown Newburgh, NY.  It was a jam-packed, super successful time. We're at a standstill as we lock in where to go from here–as a business. So, I added our handmade Chime talisman to altar, to celebrate all of that lively good juju.

The altar is fresh with reds and yellows. Spring water, hand dipped candles. Wildflowers from the backyard. Strawberry offerings and velvet cake. 

It is raining on and off. We go into a meditation. Our eyes are closed. We visualize the heart chakra. A green ball of energy in the center of the chest. Represented by the Lover versus the Performer. The issues have to do with love and relationships. This chakra is about compassion, unconditionality, forgiveness. The heart is the final test to move to higher levels of functioning. The sound of a heavy rain pours on the roof. We're silent. 


Fun fact: Stella taught me how to embroider at a Chime In workshop <3