July 27, 2018

Buck Moon

I held this full moon ritual alone. I've been surrounded by friends this Summer in an abundant, delicious, forgiving way. I took this as a time to rejuvenate, retreat and reflect. Honestly, I didn't feel as prepared for this moon, because I've been used to sharing the moon with friends. So in the morning, I made time for myself. I began to take a part the altar from the previous moon. And the Buck Moon began...

Buck Moon because July is the time when Bucks grow new antlers. Male deers are unique in this way–they lose and regrow their antlers every year. 

A few months ago, I found the skull of a Buck on the side of the road (#blessed). I chose a fabric that I love but barely use. I added more antlers I bought from a neighbor down the road. As always, Ganesha, Hanuman and Kwan Yin hold the altar down through their mythology. I picked fresh Sage from the garden, Echinacea and Veronica. The splash of colors are blues and purples, associated with the brow and crown chakras.

I cleansed, grounded, mediated. Read a random page in a book. Affirmed my intentions. Conversed with my ancestors. Offered a song, played on the steel drum I got for my birthday.


Later in the day, I met with my galfriend Helen Michelsen. I mostly admire this woman from afar, but we are becoming closer in orbit. Helen is a powerful presence. I am in awe of how she speaks so honestly, and her beauty! She is a metal worker, fabricating detailed necklace pendants, as well as candles, soaps, fragrant oils and water.

We spent hours at the stream. Walking barefoot. Thought about catching a frog. Telling our story. Eating strawberries. Making an altar. Offering to the water. We saw a hummingbird in flight and found one little pop of color–a vibrant Scarlet Lobelia.