August 25, 2018


This full moon was spontaneous. I felt more like a witness than a participant. My altar never felt “finished” but I stopped messing with it anyways. Kwan Yin said she wanted to be in the water. So she is! Later in the day, Amanda Light came over the house to catch up. She’s an incredible ink-on-paper artist. We’ve known each other for some moons now. She is also a tarot reader, a paper maker, she intuitively connects people, and truly lives by her last name, Light.


As night fell, we went in the Zenhouse for a chakra visualization. We used our words to describe each chakra, the color, the personality. One by one, we took turns. I began with the Root and Amanda continued with the Sacral. We alternated. She said many things I’ve never considered before. We rose up to the Crown–where we both spoke of its violet light, sharing truths of our own.

I began studying chakra visualizations two years ago. It was when I left America for the first time. I went to Mexico with two lady friends. I remember feeling so vulnerable. The world is so big, ya know! I needed to ground myself. I signed up for circles, meditation classes and energy-work events. Chakra visualization got me. Closing my eyes and stacking the red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, violet lights. Exploring the symbolism and meaning of each energy center. The story of each Chakra and how its archetype can manifest.

In Mexico, Mother Guadalupe is honored and praised all over. With large and prominent altars in her image, these thrones are installed in front of houses, on street corners, in public parks. We noticed she was everywhere. When we found her in a new place, we would stop for a moment. Sit down on the ground and pray. One time, I asked my friends permission to lead chakra visualization. It was the first time I led more than just myself. It was magic! Soon after I led another one, and another one, and so it goes.

This month, I began leading Chakra Visualization at PANJA, as part of an ongoing series for 2018.

The room was set with music, candles, flowers, and comfy spots to sit or lie down. Six of us showed up at eleven in the morning. We released our muscles and tuned into our internal dialogue. We explored our metaphysical bodies for 45-minutes. Our practice was followed by fresh smoothies and warm teas at Panja’s drink bar.

I’m looking forward to channeling this creative imagery of the chakras and evolving my own practice. Learning what others have to say and listening to how this energy medicine is received.