palo santo

May 27, 2018

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Flower Moon

The reason I gather at the full moon is to connect. I want to connect to my family, my friends, my higher purpose, the world.

I am alone in the Zenhouse most of the time. It's very nice when my sisters show up.

I need a steady pace of reminders.

I am an energy worker.

Hanna Wallis is a talented photographer & filmmaker (and so much more). We met while enrolled at the Salt Institute in Maine in 2014. We rubbed shoulders a lot, saw each other again this January, and planted a seed to hang soon.

For the full moon, Hanna visited. She brought her close friend from Spain, Mariona. Mariona is so much fun, a bright spirit. Her presence showed me a new depth of sisterhood. Elle came up from Brooklyn! Elle is so warm and forgiving. She brought her tarot magic and a steady thread of sweetness throughout the night. Anusha drifted in shortly, in perfect timing, with poetic wisdom.

We gathered for ritual. Hanna, Mariona, Elle and I mingled in the kitchen, ate some food, then we gathered in the Zenhouse. We added personal items to the altar. Hanna brought Palo Santo wood from Columbia and smudged everyone. We said the Vows of the Priestess

We closed our eyes and eased into a chakra visualization. We sat in a circle, knee to knee. Elle pulled a card for the theme of the day: Knight of Wands. We each evoked an elder. We affirmed our intentions in writing and burned them later, as an act of faith:

These words are words –great spirit guides us –we need nothing –we are a wheel –a channel -constantly conversing with the great spirit –we go forward -with or without!


I choose to walk my path fearlessly,
to live with my heart wide open,
to be grateful for my experiences
which led me straight into the arms of the goddess, and taught me compassion for all things. 

To forgive and forgive and forgive again,
while maintaining the boundaries of my own sacredness, not resisting life but allowing it to be. 

To transmute my fear and suffering into joy, and just by being,
give others permission to do the same. 

To know that everyone is a mirror reflecting the light of the goddess, all with truth at the core of their being, all unique, all beautiful,
all different aspects of her.


We went deep. We trusted each other. We told our truths. Our truths told themselves. We cried. We laughed. We laughed! We fell in love. We forgave. Forgave again. We were allowed. We did what we needed. We learned. We ate food together. We shared water bottles. We fed the fire together. We grew! Then, we returned to our worlds.