March 19, 2018

Elle Santiago

East New York is the place that raised her, Elle Santiago, my go-to tarot reader. Whenever I visit her in BK, we share our new projects, ask each other for feedback, laugh our assess off with her housemates, and in the morning we get breakfast at this one mom/pop spot.

Elle is sweet, she is kind, honest, a writer, stylist, designer, great dancer, great dresser, and one of my favorite people in the world.

Elle has a powerful ability to connect to the deck. Her readings always channel a deep truth, a message from the one name! The past two years, Elle has been reading about my journey toward to making my inner visions a reality. We have developed a beautiful relationship through these readings. Sometimes she lets me read for her too. Maybe its because we've been friends for a long, loving and eventful time. Whatever it is, I am thankful for this special woman in my life. Love you Elle <3