May 21, 2018


Chocolate Mint Smudge Sticks

There is an abundance of Chocolate Mint in our garden. The plant hopped 10-feet west of its original location–like all of the mint in the world, this is an invasive plant. I don't mind. It hasn't spread completely out of control yet. And even though it sounds nice, Chocolate Mint hasn't anything to do with chocolate. 

I pulled up a bunch of the herb from the garden. I wanted to find a use, rather than compost. The plant is invasive enough to be weeded frequently...so smudge sticks? Let's see!

Chocolate Mint gone to flower.

Chocolate Mint gone to flower.

Weeding & Harvesting Chocolate Mint

Weeding & Harvesting Chocolate Mint

I dried the mint for 2 days before wrapping it

I dried the mint for 2 days before wrapping it

I've heard of medicine women using mint in smudge sticks. This is an herb I am friends with, it grows on my land, is readily available. I want to see for myself, if this is a relationship that can work.

I used hemp cordage. I couldn't decide on one color because I was so attracted to them all. I chose all the colors, so each stick can take on energy of its own.

The sticks are drying in a safe place in the shed. Will report back on the drying process and the scent/energy of the herb when burning.

Symbolism of Mint

  • Resilient

  • Grows quickly

  • Pleasant

  • Uplifting 

  • Hospitality - given as a gift