Observe the peaks, the highs
real risen make believe
shattering truth fulfilled
undying love in carry

We beat like the cycles of every thing we know
the interior and exterior of the waters glass finish
the panting of closeness and distance
knowing my path, your interesting invitations

Love, this is so special that it must remain untouched

You tune out, I’ll set aside
time is the treatment for allure too sweet
at ease how heights are ridden
we are observers of what we amount

on lovE

by alysia mazzella


Making love
is what lonely lovers do

I want to see you
love me
in every other way

What lovers lovin’
do over time

pretty, sweet, pitiless



where i belong, in this uncanny world, surrendered to the riverflow, cleansing my image in mothers milk. call me pretty, sweet, pitiless. i deflate intensity. i keep loneliness. i serve myself love.

the header

by alysia mazzella


I move to your rhythm,
it changes the whole world.

foolish forever

by alysia mazzella


To hinder love is to hope this is forever. Come out of hiding and stand alone. remain the same without a mirror. Teach to let go. The only thing to do is heal. We’re confused. It makes sense. We’re meant to change.

flowers die at picking

by alysia mazzella


I once thought the flower died in the vase. The appeal is renewing. Within myself there is only one agenda. Wanted beauty is alive and alone, and when it all dies upon me, I am responsible for my creation, to shape my flower, to transform, again. Flowers die at picking. To wilt is a matter of time.

sweet spot

by alysia mazzella


Touch me call me sugary things
they cut
me then melt into
a craving

Hold my hand and lip to lip
many times over many years
we will know maybe when
we can find love here

Shared cigarettes
nobody wins

We celebrate loss
fun in closeness
and in still time
see if we call this

the burning & the burned

by alysia mazzella


We keep ourselves, chopped and dried, for the promise of a distant cold moon. Under the blues of the night we are swallowed by a dancing flame. We are both, the log and the fire, the burning and the burned.


by alysia mazzella


how I accept your love: I have created this place inside of me, so safe, so small, so permanent, that only I may fit.

lady duality

by alysia mazzella


Cars hush by
how I do it to you
loud then silent

Our fullness wanes
we sleep together
with two thoughts

Wholeness collected
by learned heart
until silence agrees