Fourfold the Oracle

Fourfold the Oracle



A limited edition oracle deck for oneness in cyclic existence.

For thousands of years, fourfold cycles have proven to be a source of harmony at each corner of the world. Fourfold the Oracle glories in the great teachings of the four: winds, seasons, elements, moon phases, noble truths, stages of life. To honor the cycles is to applaud the different aspects of being: all positions, all rhythms, all parts that make the whole. Fourfold is the place of the even-even. It is patterns that establish the center of symmetry. It is the cycles that accept the natural order of things.

Fourfold the Oracle is dedicated to witnessing the Self; To study cyclic existence as a means to invite a grounded and restorative perception. With great respect for Mother Earth, ancient wisdom and purpose, we work to accept the harmony of natural cycles, and to have sense of direction within the ever-onward. We sacredly gather with Self to share stories of conceptual questions, active lessons, revelatory answers, and transformative integration. We practice being a better individual to better serve our World, family and community.


  • An 83-page guidebook, 4x5”. Bound by hand with a letterpress printed cover and built-in bookmark. Created and written by Alysia Mazzella

  • A 64-card deck, 2.5x4”. The cards feature reproductions of analog collages, created exclusively for this purpose. The images are inclusive, playful and spirited. Illustrated by Fon Borrello

  • Satin carrying bag


“Fourfold the Oracle is the most intentionally structured oracle deck I’ve seen––it has its own system and is honestly something between “tarot” and “oracle”.” –Diana Damascena, Tarot Reader + Astrologer

“I teach memoir writing to a group of incarcerated women, and each morning before class, we all participate in a sacred moment together with the Fourfold the Oracle. It is staggeringly beautiful how much this moment changes the day for each of us. The cards and the accompanying book are not only beautiful, but they are profound. The moment of clarity and insight is priceless and otherworldly.” –Mira Ptacin, Author of The In-Betweens

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